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Tips On How To Create Your Own Successful Compassion Filled Event!


  • Organize A Tribe. Unite like-minded folks. Start early. Use social media, such as and Facebook, to schedule RSVP-able planning meetings at regular intervals, open to all. Keep on track with a flipboard. And get creative! Once a month make the  meetings into a vegan potluck, breaking between dinner and dessert for organizers presentations and Q&A, perhaps leaving time at the end to feature the talents of volunteers with a short poetry reading or acoustic music. In general, create a sense of community. The goal is to help people find the most fulfilling role in which to contribute their abilities and passions.
  • WHERE? Choose a location with high visibility that gets a lot of foot traffic. It must have plenty of parking within walking distance, with temporary onsite parking for vendors to unload. Beyond that: Does this venue have public restrooms with sinks, or will you need to rent porta potties? Does this location have chairs and tables to rent? Does this this location have a finished kitchen for food demos? What kind of regulations does the venue have? What kind of regulations (i.e., health or vendor permits) does the town have? Is there electricity available for vendors needing it?
  • WHO? The event should be an all welcoming event promoting kindness and equality, and as such, everyone is encouraged to attend. However, all vendors must be selling only vegan goods - cruelty-free crafts/products and vegan food. Beyond that, the event features healing workshops, music, demos, compassionate speakers, DYI workshops, volunteers and sponsors. The event should feature the positive examples of where kindness and compassion is succeeding, so in general, it is to be an afternoon of no negative imagery or combative argumentation. Make sure the public and potential vendors understand the rules and regulations before handing them a vendor form. Print out copies of rules and regulations along with printed vendor forms have them read this before signing. Make sure vendors know details on space available for their table or workshop. Space for a outside tent, chair, table. Make a map/grid of where everyone will be and be sure they have in advance details on set-up and breakdown times.
  • WHEN? Choose a weekend day during the time of year you have  the most chance for cooperative weather. And if you can, choose a rain-date. Make sure enough light will be available at closing for vendors to pack up. Create a team to help with scheduling time events such as compassionate speakers, music, demos, healing workshops. Have a welcome table that hands out brochures that have listed times for these events or have them announced on the microphone in between sets.
  • WHAT will you need? You will need insurance for your event. If you have speakers, you will need a need a PA system, laptop projector, screen, and chairs for attendees. Musicians will need a PA too. Consider that if you or any organizers are a member of any non-profit organizations (churches, vegan group, etc.), you may be able to borrow much of the equipment you need. You will need event brochures, with maps of the festival and parking. You will need a team of volunteers to help vendors load-in. You will need volunteers to run the welcome tent.

SPREAD THE LOVE! Make compassion contagious! Think locally. What needs are there in your community? How can you help? A raffle is a great way to pay it forward. Consider a local cause for the Animals, for the Land, for the People? Ask local businesses and table vendors to donate a vegan item or gift card. Have a raffle table, make sure people write their full name and contact on the back of the ticket. Bring your best self forward and have some fun!

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Event Websites with Date & Location:

Hamden, CT: July 23rd, 2016, 10:00am to 5:00pm at 1253 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT, 06517 [Map | Venue]

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