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Rules & Regulations.

Compassionfest - Rules & Regulations

  • Compassionfest is a cruelty-free, vegan event. Exhibitor products must be 100% Vegan. Items prohibited listed below.
  • The entire product line must be vegan, not merely the items brought for sale. All Sponsors must promote a 100% plant-based lifestyle. For website and brochure listing as a sponsor is $65, "Special Sponsors" $200 include logo on brochures, website slideshow, and all promotional flyers.
  • In clothing, crafts, apparel, performing equipment - NO Beeswax, Leather, sea-shells, ivory, bone, feathers, silk, fur, skins & wool etc.
  • In cosmetics & beauty care - Must NOT test on animals. NO by-products.
  • In food - NO meat, eggs, seafood, milk, honey, gelatin, rennet, lard, whey, casein, poultry, sugar processed with bone char etc.
  • Food exhibitors MUST have a temporay food event permit valid in Hamden, CT. For obtaining application go to Quinnipiack Valley Health District (QVHD)
  • NO graphic images protraying injured, tortured or deceased animals on any printed material or photo, projector imagery/video. Any found during festival will be removed and discarded
  • NO kitchen available on the premises for use. Cooking equipment and sanitary items must be provided by exhibitor. NO styrofoam cups or plates.
  • Exhibitors agree to make NO claim against Compassionfest or any of the volunteers at the event. Exhibitors are responsible for any loss, damage, or harm to property or self.
  • Any interruptions in weather or emergency situations vendor fee will NOT be refunded. Cancellations prior to event will NOT be refunded.
  • NO disrespectful or foul language.
  • Exhibitors are allotted a 12x12 tent space outside. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing a tent, table, chairs, materials, and anything else you think you may need for the event.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up, breaking down station and throwing away trash the day of event.
  • Exhibitors will be charged an extra $30 for use of electricity, $10 for a table and $5 for a chair.
  • Participating in Compassionfest by signing you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to follow rules and regulations you will be prohibited to attend event and receive NO refund.