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Compassionfest Vegan Potluck w/ Guest Speaker Dr. Joanne Kong

on Fri, 02/03/2017 - 21:17

 Please join us with guest speaker Dr. Joanne Kong.
Saturday, March 4  1st Unitarian Universalist Society of New Haven
608 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT
RSVP required.
Free admission. Donations for Compassionfest much appreciated.

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: HOW A GREENER DIET CAN TRANSFORM YOU AND THE PLANET is a presentation about the connections between animal agriculture and critical issues facing us today.
Shifting towards a plant-based diet could be one of the most powerful life decisions we make as individuals, having positive impacts upon the environment, public health, and the fellow living beings with whom we share this planet.

Please join us for our monthly Compassionfest Vegan Potluck w/ Guest Speaker Dr. Joanne Kong. RSVP required. Free admission. Donations for Compassionfest much appreciated.
6 PM - 6:30 PM
This illuminating presentation examines the ethical issues surrounding meat consumption. While vegetarians and vegans make their food choices for diverse reasons, this talk will center upon ethical motivations, among them the unnecessary suffering and violence endured yearly by billions of factory-farmed animals killed for food, the inconsistency with which we view and treat different animals, and how eating meat distances and disconnects us from the innate compassion we have for animals.

Dr. Joanne Kong has been praised thoughout the country as an advocate for plant-based nutrition, centered ethically in raising awareness that greater compassion for animals and our planet is vitally necessary for transformative growth and positive world change. Motivated to become vetgetarian over 30 years ago upon learning of the atrocities of factory farming, her lectures promoting veganism have been described as "artfully crafted," "a positive message about the way our daily choices can make the world a better place for others and for ourselves," "making a difference and encouraging positive change to happen," and "enlightening and provocative." Some of Joanne's presentations this year include appearances at the University of Richmond's Earth Week and TEDx event, Rollins College (Winter Park, FL), the Chrysalis Institute, Richmond Vegetarian Festival, Operation Fitness, Vegetarian Society of Richmond, the Waring School, Virginia Commonweath University, Vegfest Colorado, Ohio State University and Yale University. In addition to her animal and environmental advocacy work, she is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning classical pianist and chamber musician, and empowers individuals from all walks of like through her lectures and workshops on performance anxiety.