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Mark Mathew Braunstein

Please welcome Mark Mathew Braunstein to Compassionfest 2018. Workshop will start (Study Lounge Room) 4pm-5pm.
$10 Admission Fee. Book signing available.
Mark is the author of Microgreen Garden (now in its 4th printing), Sprout Garden (now in its 7th printing), and Radical Vegetarianism, the first book of our generation to advocate veganism (30th anniversary edition republished in 2010). His articles about home growing of sprouts and microgreens have appeared in Vegetarian Times, Natural Health, Vegetarian Voice, Healing Our World, and elsewhere. He presents microgreens workshops both nationally (at the Vegetarian Summerfests sponsored by the North American Vegetarian Society) and locally.

1-hour Workshop description:
Microgreens, the seedling stages of greens such as broccoli, basil and sunflower, are moving from restaurant menus and into home kitchens. New to whole foods cuisine, if microgreens are new to you, you will learn how to move them into your kitchen. Mark M. Braunstein will demonstrate a clean and easy technique for indoor gardening of microgreens, and he will provide samples of more than 15 varieties to awaken your palate and to inspire your gardening. You will go home with sample seeds and a pint start-up kit.

Workshops & Demos
Compassionfest 2017

One Plug Entertainment

One Plug Entertainment, owned by compassionate vegans Chase and Amanda, provides an all inclusive
customizable solution to meet their client's needs. One Plug provides Professional DJ/MC, Photo Booth,
Uplighting and Photography for weddings, parties and other events. They pride themselves on offering
the highest quality professional service at every event. From 10am to 2pm they will have their modern
digital photo booth open for guest and families to use. They will be accepting donations to raise money
for the goats at MFS.

 Peter DiGennaro -
Love Bombing and Heart Attack: Wielding Unviolence in the Coil of Power

Thrilled to be sharing Love Bombing & Heart Attack: Unviolencing Trump Street with the Compassionfest community, Peter DiGennaro is an International Human Rights and Peace Educator working in Critical Pedagogies across subject headings and educational sectors. A Program Director and Teaching-Artist, he holds a BA from Bentley University in Communications and Management, and an MA in Arts Politics from New York University. His research focuses on the study of Power given the social “exchange” value of Identity. In addition to having taught at the Education Center for the Arts and the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, he founded the NMS Rocks! (2001) and NMS Summer Rocks! (2011) contemporary music programs at the Neighborhood Music School, is an active member of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Association for Popular Music Educators (APME). He has presented his interdisciplinary, culturally conscious, student-centered curricula and programming at the University of Miami, Ithaca College, and Berklee College of Music’s City Music conference, among others. A professional musician and sound designer for twenty years, scoring work for theatre (Elm Shakespeare, Hartbeat Ensemble), film (PBS, Wesleyan University), dance (Wesleyan University, ECA, Trinity College), and installation (NYU Skirball), he is also a poet (Sinter), working in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural format, reveling in emergent culture brought forth through collaborative trust. Creating Human Rights curriculum for Amnesty International, the Unitarian Universalist Society, and on-line platforms, as well as being a Facing History and Ourselves Certified Teacher, Peter is thrilled to be working with the Compassionfest ’17 community as we continue our efforts to make sense out of - and put sense into - our world in ways that honor our individual and collective gifts.

Xavier Xoul Kemp

So excited to announce Xavier Xoul Kemp to Compassionfest 2017. I always had a strong calling to heal and help others, seeing as I knew what it felt like to suffer with no sense of direction and drowning in the feeling of hopelessness. I dealt with vaccine damage and chronic pain for 12 years, including a few nearby death experiences; in the midst of those experiences I discovered my gift. I practiced healing myself and converting my pain into peace. The more I did that the easier it became to separate the experiences my soul had from the pain my physical body endured. I spent my everyday in meditation and in the spiritual realms, it became my home. Now I am completely healed due to the help of naturopathic medicine and my spiritual abilities. I have gained and learned so much, and am excited to have begun sharing my gifts with the world. I see positive changes in people's lives everyday that I've healed; my mission is to continue to heal those who want to be healed.

Anastasia Raw

We are so ecstatic to announce AnastasiaRAW to Compassionfest 2017! Get ready for an amazing day of vegan knowledge. Anastasia will be demonstrating a recipe from her "Uncook Book" on how to make "Mac no Cheese". $10 entrance fee. Class and talk will start at 1:15pm sharp. (Please make note: space is limited class room may fill up fast. To reserve your spot please arrive a few minutes early). After the presentation you will have the opportunity for a quick meet & greet with a personal book signing with author.
AnastasiaRAW is a speaker, author, recipe demonstrator and athlete - to help you choose the life you want to lead to become your best self in living a vegan/raw life. Some notable achievements include: completing a 500-mile bicycle tour through the Adirondack Mountains, running the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromso Norway and fasting for 32 days on water. Her youtube channel "AnastasiaRaw" and her recipe "Uncook Book" are her main ways of helping people around the world to eat healthier and live more inspired lives.


Vegan Teacher

Pleased to announce Vegan Teacher to Compassionfest 2017. Come on a low- carbon footprint journey with us as we explore and engage in lifestyle changes. This workshop will involve veganism, spirituality, sustainability, and mindfulness.

Vision Board

Create your own vision board at this year's Compassionfest 2017. Proceeds will go to Maple Farm Sanctuary. With your contribution of $7 for the workshop (supplies included) you will be helping animals in need.
What is a vision board? A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on your goal. Use this workshop to help build the kind of lifestyle you desire and want to achieve. Don't miss out. Space is limited. Workshop runs 10am - 11am.


Compassionfest 2016

Laura Le

So excited to announce Laura Le from Toivo will be joining us with the workshop "Laughter For The Health Of It" at Compassionfest 2016. Laura Le is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor and Wellness Facilitator at Toivo. For the last five years, she has shared the healing power of laughter in various different settings, including hospitals, workplaces, libraries, parties, health conferences, and retreats. She has been has been interviewed on radio and public TV shows and has been featured in the Hartford Courant.

Kelvin Young

We are so lucky to announce Kelvin Young from Toivo will be hosting the workshop "Laughter For The Health Of It" at Compassionfest 2016. Kelvin Young is a Holographic Sound Healer, Holistic Stress Management Instructor, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Recovery Support Specialist and Director of Toivo. He was featured in a powerful documentary called “Meditation: The Journey Within” Kelvin sustains his health by living a vegan lifestyle, practicing meditation on a regular basis, spending quality time in nature, and building healthy relationships with others.


Bobcat will be educating on solar energy, sustainability and showcasing his handmade telescopes.
Noted in CT Environmental Headlines saying "Bobcat Carruthers is devising ways to use the sun to assist him in his daily living, which include riding his bike to and from his home in Bethany.
The popularity of electric bicycles is on an incline. Just flick the switch on the natural wood grained dashboard of Bobcat Carruthers electric bicycle and the volt meter instantly indicates how much power is left in the batteries that are attached to a piece of plywood on the back of the bike."

Krista Annecharico

Krista Annecharico- Light As A Feather is a level II Reiki healer using crystals and intuition to guide you into a healing space where your energies can be cleared and aligned. She will also be offering her home made body products and handmade crystal jewelry.

Ed Cleveland

Ed Cleveland with The Healers Lounge.
Founder · Southington, Connecticut
Reiki Master Teacher Holographic Sound Healer Crystal Energy Healer Medicinal Aromatherapy Kids Sound Aromatherapy Meditations 3rd Degree Black Belt Sonic Crystal Gemstone Sound Aromatherapist Meditations for Kids and Adults Monochord Vibrational Therapy for the Heart & Spine in 432 Hz Advanced 7 day Gong Camp Training by Mitch Nur.

Imagine Wellness

At Imagine Wellness, we are committed to creating a holistic treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. We believe that message therapy is an integral part of any wellness plan and the health of our clients. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients while providing an environment of understanding respect, dignity and compassion.

The Art Of Ivan Tirado

We are so lucky to have The Art of Ivan Tirado LLC to Compassionfest 2016. He will be demonstrating body painting.
Dr. Iván Tirado-Cordero, international contemporary artist and instructional designer, was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico in 1975. Dr. Tirado is adjunct faculty at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, where he teaches the First Year Seminar on Inquiry Based Learning. He achieved a bachelors’ degree in Humanities in Liberal Arts in 1998. He also achieved a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology in 2006 and a Ph.D. in Education in Instructional Design in 2013.
In September 2010, he had the first opportunity to exhibit his sculptures. A year after his sculptures began reaching from Connecticut and New York to other states, and as far as Argentina, Puerto Rico, France, London, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. You can find his artwork in the books INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS VI (2012), IMPORTANT WORLD ARTISTS (2013), and his collaborative book The Art of Ivan Tirado. Other publications include: Feat of Clay. Interview. Milford Living Magazine. (Fall 2013), Featuring Artist. Milford Arts Council Newsletter. July/August (2013), The Well Written Woman (Blog) (2012), and the New Haven Independent (2014), and The Milford Mirror (2015). His doctoral dissertation is available online and was also published in the International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications.
Dr. Tirado is available for commissions, sculpting and painting parties, private lessons, workshops, and public speaking. Contact The Artist.

Christopher Massey

Christopher a Multi Modality Healer and teacher will be offering Thai Yoga and Chair Massage, Auricular therapy, Meditation and mindfulness counseling, Qi Gong for health. Chris has been working in Holistic's since 1997 and continued his work through the years. Stop by and meet this wealth of information and inspiration!

CT Bellydance Tent

So excited to announce The CT Bellydance Tent will be at Compassionfest 2016. The CT Bellydance Tent is your Compassionfest home for all things that shimmy! Whatever your interest, we've got it covered: from modern to traditional styles and all the community in between! Come and learn about the different styles of bellydance, both regular CT classes and bellydance workshops at Compassionfest, and explore the diverse CT bellydance community! Tava Naiyin is bringing classic bellydance style: dripping in the Golden Era elegance which is foundational to this art form. Diana Saylor is representing for American Tribal Style (ATS) bellydance: a dynamic dance language rooted in middle eastern and Flamenco dance traditions. Eliot Snaith is sharing tribal fusion and Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) bellydance: modern evolutions of bellydance that combine the technicality of classic bellydance training with a contemporary expression.
Eliot Snaith is teaching an open level workshop on modern tribal style bellydance! Learn basic movements and group dynamics, and take home a few combos from Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) to incorporate in your own workouts and performances! This workshop is a great introduction for beginners while offering pointers on technical execution and performance concepts to intrigue advanced dancers as well! Come explore the beautiful diversity of the CT bellydance scene while we cultivate community together at Compassionfest! Check out

S&S Traveling Parties And Events

Pleased to welcome S&S Traveling Parties and Events to Compassionfest 2016. Come visit the creative corner for kids. DYI workshop and so much more.

DYI Workshop's

Time-In Tee-Pee

Time-In Teepee Workshop. Do you suffer anxiety at public events? Do you want to get involved in community activities but have a hard time and need a safe space to regroup? Over 18% of Americans over the age of 18 yrs old have admitted to having frequent anxiety attacks. You are not alone. That's why Compassionfest now has the "Time-In Teepee" located on the festival grounds. What exactly is a Time-In Teepee? Good question. This is a safe no talking space to escape-to for meditation & relaxation, with pillows located inside to help you unwind & regroup. This space is intended to share with others that have the same idea in mind for quiet-time & calm.

Warm Fuzzy Workshop

A warm fuzzy is a symbol of love & showing love. Wearing a warm fuzzy at Compassionfest is a friendly reminder to us to use our words and actions in compassionate ways.The Warm Fuzzy Workshop How It Works: Put on your warm fuzzy necklace as you roam the grounds of the event. If you cross paths with someone wearing the warm fuzzy necklace exchange a kind word or compliment directed to them. Pull a single yarn strand from the ball & tie that yarn strand around the necklace part of that persons warm fuzzy necklace. In return that person will exchange a kind word/ or compliment back tying a strand around their warm fuzzy necklace. This is a great way to spread love and kindness around. It's also a wonderful way to connect with others that are looking to unite with compassionate folks in the community. These fun wearable yarn balls will be handed out at this years event. They will also be hanging from the trees.

Wish Rock

Wish Rocks- are rocks collected all over CT from rivers, lakes & the ocean. Choose a rock from the barrel use our eco-friendly chalk marker to write down your wish. At the end of the event all wishes will be returned to the natural water.

Soul Gazing

This year on festival grounds will be a soul gazing station (2 chairs, a small table with a timer). Sit and wait for someone to sit across from you. Set timer for 10 minutes, allow yourself to gaze into the eyes of the person sitting across from you. Allow them to gaze back without breaking eye contact. Do not talk, just relax and enjoy the experience.



For an idea of what we've feature in the past, below are Compassionfest 2015's demos & workshops:




Compassionfest 2015

Enjoy conversations with and demonstrations by these inspired neighbors:


A high raw vegan since 1970, Mark Braustein is author of Microgreen Garden, of Sprout Garden, and of Radical Vegetarianism, the first book of our generation to advocate veganism. His articles about veganism have appeared in Natural Health, Vegetarian Times, Vegetarian Voice, Healing Our World, and elsewhere.





So pleased to have Connecticut Yoga Center with us. Connecticut Yoga Center is a heart centered business providing the Middlesex county community with over 20 Yoga classes and private Yoga sessions every week. In addition to Yoga classes for beginners and all levels, taught by experienced and caring instructors, Connecticut Yoga Center also offers monthly Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Loving Kindness Meditation and Restorative Yoga with Aromatherapy workshops. Our studio is directly above the Starr Mill Pond Waterfall creating the ideal atmosphere to engage the body, mind and senses. Learn more and connect at